Today my mind felt sluggish and I was moderately depressed throughout much of the day. My consciousness and thought clarity are things I think about a lot. My natural state of mind is rather unpleasant, and I’m constantly researching/trying new methods for altering it. The downside is the feeling of dependency and the fear of who I’ll become if my medication/supplements become unavailable.

On a day like today, a day where something is clearly off, I have to wonder what I did differently to cause this mental state. Admittedly, I don’t even try monitoring all the known variables that possibly contribute–sleep, exercise, diet, supplements, etc. But I think I should. At some point, I’ll probably acquire some wearable tech that will make the recording of this data relatively painless. Unless of course I opt for that new biometrics sensor from Apple that attaches via alligator clips to one’s genitals.