The primary purpose of this page is to provide an outline and description of the content classification system used throughout this website. A clearly defined content structure helps me organize my thoughts and reduces the cognitive startup costs that dissuade me from turning those thoughts into usable content. In other words, the primary purpose of this page is to answer the question:

I have something to write (or data to record). Where and how should I create this content?

The secondary purpose is to provide an overview of various post types, which can potentially jump-start my creativity on days where I’m not feeling particularly inspired to write. In other words, the secondary purpose of this page is to answer the question:

I want to create a new post, but I don’t know what to write about. What are some options?

Here is a content outline:

  • Resources
    • Pages
    • Posts
      • Uncategorized
  • Data

Here is a description of each item in the outline:


Publicly-accessible HTML documents that are intended to be viewed in a web browser.





This doesn’t exist yet, but I’m imagining this website becoming a sort of hub for all things Darren Slatten, which may include features that monitor food/supplement intake, exercise, mental health, etc.