First and foremost, congratulations to me for keeping my post every day commitment for one day. It’s kinda like receiving a 24-hour chip at an AA meeting. Except in this case, I’m sobering up from the depressing materialist[ic] reality of a meaningless existence. Actually…that doesn’t sound different.

Second, I just realized that my passion for money has followed a similar trend as my passion for search engine optimization–namely, a promising spike followed by a long downward spiral.

I know, I know…you’re probably thinking:

You can’t get a spiral from a trend line!

Pfff…yeah, not with that attitude.

Anyway, my next thought was what if I lose interest because I know that the rules of the game are entirely man-made?

With SEO, I seem to have lost interest when I realized Google engineers are the gods of that realm. Similarly, with money, I seem to have lost interest when I realized the whole system is controlled by people (and isn’t directly tied to natural resources). In either case, there’s no real autonomy or independence there; I’d always be operating under artificial constraints. I’m not saying I should avoid these systems; I just think I need a more natural system by which to measure my success. Something like…I don’t know…what other people think of me.


Damn it.