Sometimes I wonder if there’s some kind of secret society for profoundly gifted people. Not like a virtual community–obviously those exist–but an actual community, as in, a physical place where smart people can live together and solve humanity’s most urgent problems, without being distracted by their basic human needs or the artificial constraints of modern life (e.g., transportation, money, credentials, employment, etc.). I’m imagining a cross between Google and a hippie commune; a place where self-transcended benevolent geniuses cohabitate and save the world directly (vs through money and corporations).

Then I realize I’m probably hoping such a place exists because I dropped out of academia and thus cut myself off from my intellectual peers, and really I just want an easy way to connect with my “tribe”.

Then I realize my real tribe members probably didn’t finish school either. They saw that system for what it was and had better things to do.

Then I remember I’m not profoundly gifted, so either way, I’m stuck wandering the internet, searching for love.