I find my dreams–and dreaming in general–to be quite interesting. Sometimes my dreams are seemingly random, and I’ll spend time analyzing them, trying to uncover and interpret their meaning. Other times (like last night), my dreams are clearly a remix of the symbols and concepts I’ve been thinking about or observing during the previous days.

I’m currently staying at my dad’s house. He has a hot tub in his back yard, which I look at every day. He also has a pool, and a couple days ago I cleaned the filter, which involved vacuuming out a bunch of dirty water with a wet/dry shop vac. Over the last week, we’ve watched a show about gold mining and discussed finding gold several times. I’ve also been thinking about visiting my brother at my mom’s house–which will be the next stop in my homeless adventure. And last but not least, I’ve been thinking a lot about my ex/bff, whom I stayed with for about 2 weeks, prior to visiting my dad.

Now throw all that into a blender and you might get the following dream…

I am at my mom’s house with my ex/bff. For whatever reason, there’s a hot tub in the living room, and I’m convinced it’s the perfect setting for trying to have sex with my ex/bff. Unfortunately, the water is dirty, so I begin pumping it through a hose that looks suspiciously-similar to the one on my dad’s vacuum. Then my brother shows up and tosses me a small bar of gold–maybe 2 or 3 ounces. I’m mildly impressed, but then our attention turns to the hot tub, which is almost completely drained at this point. At the bottom, we discover an assortment of gold nuggets, bars, and coins. I glance excitedly at my ex/bff, but she frowns at me and says, “You’re just a gold-diggin’ whore!”

Okay, so I made that last part up. I actually woke up after discovering the gold. That woulda been a sweet punchline though.