I just woke up. I want to knock out today’s post ASAP so I don’t overthink it and I’ll have plenty of time to pack.

I had a dream.

Scene 1: I’m in what appears to be a high school cafeteria/gymnasium (i.e., a big empty room), and I’m sitting with a group of people that resembles a marching band (although I don’t remember recognizing anyone I was actually in marching band with). Someone announces who the new Drum Major is going to be, and this is someone I do recognize from real life marching band–it’s the red-haired guy that was captain of the sousaphones (I think) during my freshman year.

I haven’t thought about that guy in probably 15-20 years, and I can’t remember his name. Maybe I’ll look him up and just let him know I dream about him sometimes. LOL!

Anyway, throughout this scene, I’m anxious and fidgety, and eventually I make a decision to just get up and leave. But it’s not like I’ll see you guys later; it’s more like I’m outta here and I’m never coming back.

Scene 2: I’m still in what appears to be a school setting, but I’m outside, walking along a sidewalk, between buildings and strategically-placed trees. I decide walking is for suckas and use my mind to push against the ground, taking off vertically until I’m about 50 meters off the ground, and then thrusting myself forward as I begin searching for my car.

Scene 3: I didn’t find my car, but I see a woman standing on the sidewalk, staring at me in awe–presumably because I can fucking fly. She is pretty, but I don’t recognize her. I just know she’s into dudes who can fly. Probs had her heart broken by one or more walkers. Who knows.

I swoop down and put my arms around her, and use my mental focus to push off the ground. We lift off the ground barely a meter before two things become obvious: (1) flying is much more difficult with her added weight and requires more focus, and (2) the way I’m holding her (essentially a hug, with my arms under hers) is not sustainable–my back and biceps will eventually get fatigued.

To address the second issue, I lean back until I’m basically lying down, facing toward the sky, with her lying on top of me, facing toward the ground. We’re still hovering about 1 meter off the ground at this point. Issue #2 is resolved, because I’m no longer using my physical strength–I’m letting gravity do all the work. All I have to do now is concentrate on flying.

Unfortunately, this new body configuration proves to be just a bit too sexy for all parties involved. As I’m attempting to focus my attention on increasing our altitude, the woman sits up, straddling me, and begins unzipping my pants. We lose altitude. She pulls my dick out. We lose altitude. She lifts up her skirt, pulls her underwear to the side, and lowers herself slowly onto my throbbing…joystick? Wait…what’s the flight sim control that doesn’t increase altitude? Anyway, doesn’t matter, point is we crashed. Or rather, my mental focus shifted to a state of

Sex: 100% Flying: 0%

The scene ends with me having sex…on the ground…in the middle of what appears to be a college campus…with apparently no regard whatsoever for how traumatic this might be for the other students and passersby.