Okay…so that didn’t last long. Which is good, because who wants to spend their Saturday supervising a garage sale? Not this guy.

Total Earnings: $293.00

Not too bad, considering no one had to pay anything. I approached everyone with the same basic message:

“Everything is free. Pay whatever you feel good about.”

The responses were quite varied. One of the first people to arrive “claimed” a pile of stuff so large they had to make 2 trips with a pickup truck to collect it all. They paid ~$40 for said pile. In general, most people paid something, and as far as I know, only 2 people paid nothing.

One notable highlight of the morning was an elderly gentleman who said he’s never heard of such a thing in the 80 years he’s been alive. He then proceeded to pay $0.50 for something (I don’t remember what). He cracked me up.

Overall, I’m happy with how things went. I mean…obviously I could have made more money, but at what cost? I’d have to price things, worry about people stealing shit, haggle, sit out there all day, and figure out what to do with everything that didn’t sell. In other words, I’d have to spend the day stressing out about my stuff, which runs counter to why I’m doing this in the first place. By releasing all expectations, I was able to just enjoy the experience…and be done with it.

The only question remaining is: a month from now, when I’m homeless and hungry, will I think to myself, “I should have charged more for my stuff”?

Probably not. But we’ll see.