After yesterday’s post, I realized I was missing an opportunity to learn from today’s garage sale. One of the things I resent about money (besides being dependent on it) is that it brings out the worst in people. It hides their humanity. So instead of looking at this garage sale through the lens of how can I maximize my profits, I’ve decided to look at it as an opportunity to help people and initiate some pesonal growth. To support this objective, I’m not putting prices on anything; instead, I’m just going to let people take what they want and pay what feels right. Furthermore, my garage sale sign just says FREE STUFF. I don’t know how people will response to this, but I’m about to find out.

In related news, I’d like to give a quick shout-out to God for dispersing that thunderstorm last night. After putting nearly all my worldly possessions on the driveway yesterday (during which there were approximately ZERO clouds in the sky), I was shocked to learn that there was a 70% chance of rain at around 2 am. I was still awake at that time (so anxious about interacting with “strangers” today), and there was all kinds of thunder and lightning happening. I did what any rational person would do: I imagined the sky clearing up and asked God not to destroy everything I own before I have a chance to give it away.

Woke up this morning after a super-refreshing 45 seconds of “sleep” and discovered that the sky did in fact clear up without officially raining.

Not bad, God. While you’re feeling generous…could you also help me relax and enjoy this experience today? That’d be great.