From my perspective, it makes perfect sense. I ride my bike to get exercise and fresh air. I ride shirtless–even though it was freezing outside–because I’m trying to maximize my sun exposure (and therefore increase vitamin D production and decrease depression). I rode to the drive-thru ATM because I have to ride somewhere, so might as well knock out an errand in the process. The errand was to deposit my garage sale money, which was a huge stack of 1’s and 5’s. I needed a reliable means of transporting my huge stack, so I wore a “fanny pack” (my pants pockets are prone to losing things when I ride my bike).

From the perspective of the cars behind me, it was probably total insanity. A thirty-something-year-old man rolls up on a BMX bike, wearing no shirt when it’s like 50 degrees outside, and proceeds to pull what looks like about a trillion dollars from his little red fanny pack and deposit it into the drive-thru ATM machine.

The worst part was that Wells Fargo’s ATM only accepts 30 bills at a time, so I literally had to make 5 separate deposits (the ATM counts the bills and prints a receipt after each deposit) before I got through the entire stack of bills. So I wasn’t just the crazy bike guy…I was the crazy bike guy holding up the ATM line for 5-10 eternities.